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Performance 9
Design 8.5
Price 8


8.5 Excellent The Altra Torn 2.5 is a minimalist neutral runner that packs in great durability and cushioning. All in all, the trainers are worth the amount of money you will be paying!

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A runner’s best friends are, without a doubt, their running shoes. There are so many available in the market to choose from that it becomes difficult to pick one that suits your needs best. If you like minimalist running but still enjoy your cushioned runs on relatively smoother terrains such as roads, then you better look for the Altra Torin 2.5. They have a performance-packed design that delivers a superb response on long runs thanks to their plush cushioning.

Altra Torin 2.5 Performance

Altra Torin 2.5 is a shoe that has really upped its cushioning game since the last pair of shoes released by the same company. However, the increased cushioning does not, in any way, make the shoe heavier and leaves it light enough for you to comfortably run without feeling like you are dragging a weighty shoe. These shoes are definitely tough since they can bear intense pounding without being ruined entirely, and their spacey toe box is markedly their best feature. This makes them an ideal buy for experienced runners who run for long distances.

The pause-and-run performance of these shoes is excellent since their outsole has a pretty decent grip on the terrain. Additionally, these shoes are flexible, which means that they offer a better push off the ground than most. All in all, they are lighter and more comfortable and have a relatively better take-off than most of the running shoes that can be found on the market.

Altra Torin 2.5 Design

Since the Altra Torin 2.5 are gender neutral and available for both men and women, there are a large number of colors to choose from. There are also a small number of funky designs in which these shoes are available, which make them an instant hit with runners of all genders and ages. The modern design also includes a comfortable and snug-fitting interior that helps make your runs as comfortable as possible.

The materials used are lightweight and, therefore, ensure maximum performance. There are complaints, however, regarding the breathability of these running shoes which is less as compared to the prior versions. The shape of these shoes is also unique and is considered a bit wacky, but since it delivers in the performance department, the shape should be of no consequence to you.

Altra Torin 2.5 Price

Let’s come to the cost of these amazing pair of shoes. How much do these performance-packed trainers cost? To answer that question, these shoes are priced surprisingly reasonably at $125, which is a much cheaper price that that at which many other trainers with similar specifications are being sold at. You get a minimalist neutral runner that packs in great durability and cushioning. All in all, the trainers are worth the amount of money you will be paying for without a doubt.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: 9.2 oz
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 0 mm
  • Type: Neutral/Minimalist
  • Terrain: Road

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