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Performance 9
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Price 9


8.7 Excellent A definite go-to for anyone looking for a lightweight, more minimalistic running shoe that will still provide ample cushioning. The performance, design, and price factors come together for a great combination that shouldn’t be overlooked by those in search on a new neutral runner!

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The Asics 33 DFA 2 is a minimalist running shoe that still provides ample cushioning for a more plush and supportive ride. Coming in with a 4mm heel-to-toe differential and weight of 9.0 Oz, it’s a relatively lightweight shoe that lets one increase his or her pace with ease during their runs.

Asics 33 DFA 2 Performance

The upper is made up of a fully seamless synthetic mesh that provides great comfort and breathability. The toe-box runs true to size so unless you have wider-than-average feet you shouldn’t experience anycramping or hotspot either.

The sole of the DFA 2 is meant for faster tempo’d runs and workouts while still giving you ample cushioning against the ground. It highly  flexible to allow for a more natural gait during runs. Throughout runs the shoe provided more than ample cushioning that lasted into the longer runs as well, in addition to providing good grip with the High Abrasion outsole rubber for traction

Asics 33 DFA 2 Design

The look and feel of these shoes is definitely a plus point. It has a minimalistic and clean design to it that speaks sleekness and elegance while the various colour schemes are sure to match every personality-type out there. They aren’t as sleek as shoes like the Nike Free Run series (which running shoes really are though?), but compared to traditional running shoes they look great!

Asics 33 DFA 2 Price

At an MSRP of $90, the Asics 33 DFA 2 are amazingly priced. Given how they performed in terms of the  form-fitting upper and cushioned and durable outsole, $90 is more than budget-friendly. There are cheaper shoes out there, but they certainly won’t offer the same lightweight and premium experience as these.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: Mens 9Oz and Womens 7.5Oz
  • Heel-to-Toe Offset: 4mm
  • Type: Neutral + Minimalist
  • Terrain: Road

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