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Performance 9
Design 7.5
Price 9


8.5 Excellent The Brooks Launch 4 is a great budget-overall trainer. It provides great performance, nice design, and an amazing price-tag to go along with it. Definitely consider this one!

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If an impressive daily trainer is what you are looking for, this pair of running shoes will prove to be the perfect option for you as it will provide you with the performance you want and more, all in an amazingly-priced package.

Brooks Launch 4 Performance

This pair of shoes offers you a great deal of responsiveness in addition to comfort. Thus, performance is not something that you will need to complain about when it comes to this pair. A few changes have been made to the shoes to ensure that they are provided with enhanced fluidity in addition to the other appealing features that they have to offer.

They are well cushioned and offer you agility in addition to versatility. Thus, you would be able to use these shoes for fast tempo runs as well as for daily training with a lot of ease. They are highly durable and capable of withstanding the tough conditions that they would be likely subjected to. The shoe is breathable and comfortable, and you will not feel as though your speed is being adversely affected owing to the sole.

Brooks Launch 4 Design

The first thing that would strike you about the shoe is the design that it is provided with. Being available in vibrant colors, the shoe has a simple yet stylish design. The low, slender profile manages to make it quite eye-catching, so you would not have to make any compromises with style as you run if you opt for this pair. It makes use of the same DNA midsole as in the Launch 3 with a few changes made with respect to the aesthetics. The forefoot is provided with deep flex grooves so as to make the shoes more flexible. This also serves to increase the surface area of the toe and ensures that you are provided with a smooth, well-cushioned and comfortable ride.

Not much difference is present in the outsole pattern. More areas of blown rubber have been added in contrast to the previous editions, which increases the durability that the shoe has to offer while reducing the overall weight. It is quite stable, and the shape of the heel cutout has been changed a bit to take on a U shape. This serves to absorb shock in a better way, thereby ensuring that better recovery is attained.

The upper features a soft material with a few 3D overlays and a shortened toe bumper. The toe box is quite roomy and the shoe is provided with a higher lacing saddle that ensures you are provided with a snug fit with no pressure points.

Brooks Launch 4 Price

The shoe is available at nearly the cost of $100. You will find it to be worth every cent that it costs thanks to the features that it is provided with and the performance that it has to offer. Since the shoe is highly durable, you would not have to look for another option anytime soon

Shoe Info

  • Weight: 9.0 Oz
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 10 mm
  • Type: Stability
  • Terrain: Road, Track

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