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Performance 10
Design 8
Price 8


8.7 Excellent A great package overall, performing well, relatively lightweight, has a premium finish, and comes in at a reasonable price of $120. The stability capabilities are definitely on point and will transition one well into the higher mileage runs!

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The Ravenna 7 is a fairly lightweight stability runner that offers a decent amount of support. For a stability shoe it’s actually fairly lightweight and it offers quite a flexible and smooth running experience. The last could potentially be a problem

Brooks Ravenna 7 Performance

This year’s version includes several updates in the upper, starting off a very adjustable shoe saddle that lets you control how tight a fight you want around your shoes, more so than other runners. The rounded heel cup help to secure one’s back-foot firmly in place   and the synthetic mesh with welded on overlays helps to provide a breathable experience. The upper can potentially be a tad cramped, but that will really depend on the individual size of the persons’ feet.

The sole unit includes the BioMoGo DNA foam materials that offers a cushioned and smooth gait transition. It also houses stability mechanisms that help with a more efficient running experience in terms of impact and transition. Interestingly, the stability mechanisms aren’t over-the-board, rather just a smidge that works really well actually for neutral and stability runners alike.

Brooks Ravenna 7 Design

The look and feel of these shoes is definitely premium. Brooks spared no expense is using the best materials possible towards both the upper as well as the sole. That said, the doesn’t scream out sleekness and crazy aesthetic appeal, but you shouldn’t really be expecting that either when it comes to a lot of stability shoes.

Brooks Ravenna 7 Price

At an MSRP of $120, the Ravenna 7 is very reasonably priced. It’s not highly budget friendly but it isn’t overtly expensive either by any means. It’s a very durable shoe so the miles-used against the total amount spent does pan out in the end. Nevertheless, there are other cheaper options available in this category.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: Mens 11.2Oz and Womens 9.3 Oz
  • Heel-to-Toe Offset: 10mm
  • Type: Stability
  • Terrain: Road


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