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Performance 9
Design 8
Price 6.5


7.8 Great The Brooks Transcend 4 is a great stability runner that comes with ample cushioning and superb long-term usability. Unfortunately, it's asking price will be too high for a lot people, as other stability options are available in the market.

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The Brooks Transcend line is one of those shoes that offer profound stability in addition to impressive performance, thereby ensuring that you get results well into the higher mileage area. It comes with ample cushioning and a stability system that aims to help during longer runs.

Brooks Transcend 4 Performance

This pair of shoes has quite a high level of stability to offer. You will find that it is suitable for both long runs and speed workouts. The cushioning that the shoes are provided with makes it certain that you get optimal comfort as you run for long hours. Profound quality has been maintained with every aspect associated with the shoes so that you get comfort in addition to durability.

The shoe ensures that you get a smooth ride and is quite responsive. It is narrow and has a tendency to fit on the shorter side. It offers a secure fit while ensuring that sufficient room is present for breathability and comfort.To summarize it, when we talk about performance, there is not much that you will find to complain about in this pair of shoe.

Brooks Transcend 4 Design

It is apparent that a lot of attention has been paid to the design of this shoe. It makes use of the improved Guide Rail system that runs along the length of the midsole, which ensures that excess foot pronation does not occur. The shoe is a bit stiff, especially in the initial days of usage, but this stiffness serves to enhance the durability that it has to offer. It is quite stable and has a secure heel with an impressive midfoot fit. The toe box is roomy yet supportive.

The shoe features a thick midsole which is provided with a notable curve at the ball of the foot that increases the stability that it has to offer. The outsole of the shoe is provided with a durable blown rubber that has an impressive grip and improved flexibility. Super DNA foam has also been used for the cushioning of the shoes.

The shoe is provided with 3D fit print upper. The PEBAX external heel counter functions to reduce the heel motion, and the upper is breathable, which ensures that you are provided with a high level of comfort for long hours. Overall, the Transcend 4 provides a simple yet elegant design so that you do not have to compromise on your style as you run.

Brooks Transcend 4 Price

You will find this pair to be a bit expensive as it can be purchased at the cost of $160. For many, this just won’t be worth it, as there are plenty of other stability runners or other brands/models that will do just fine without such a steep asking price. That said, since the shoes offer a high level of durability, you would not have to buy another pair for a long time to come. You would be able to make use of this pair to extract maximum performance for a longer duration, thereby making it certain that you do not have to regret the purchase some time down the road and it would prove to be worth your money.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: 10.8 oz
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm
  • Type: Stability
  • Terrain: Road

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