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Performance 9
Design 9
Price 8.5


8.8 Excellent A sure choice trail-running as it delivers on all accounts. Breathes well, lightweight, awesome design, great off-road surface handling, and a reasonable price tag of $110. Don’t look over this one!

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The Hayate 2 is a lightweight trail shoe from Mizuno that offers runners a speedier and more flexible option for those off-road experiences. It uses Mizuno’s x10 outsole technology that’s designed to give top-notch grip and traction for extreme weather conditions. The shoe performed great and with the added Wave plate incorporated into the midsole, there is an element of stability and control as well for those in search of that.

Mizuno Hayate 2 Performance

The upper consists is made up of Mizuno’s AIRmesh material that breathes great thank to the large perforations. The interior is sort of textured which actually helps to add grip and secure one’s better in terms of lockdown. Also worth mentioning, the aded toe-gaurd strip at the front helps against rocks and other debris that one would naturally come across when on an off-road run. All in all, a great upper!

The sole unit is fitted with an aggressive lug pattern on the outsole that provides great traction on all conditions one might come across during his or her runs. In terms of stability, there is a Wave plate inserted at the back that helps against overpronation as well as a smooth transition at the heel strike during one’s running gait. It’s important to note that the upper and sole come together to provide a great lightweight combination, as the Hayate 2 clocks in at only 7.2 Oz for the women’s version.

Mizuno Hayate 2 Design

This was another area i was genuinely surprised with, as the  look and feel of these shoes are just awesome! There is an arrow-like pattern used on the mid-to-back portion of the shoe that gives it an incomparable sleekness missing from both a lot of other shoes in the Mizuno line-up as well as other manufacturers. The materials used are also of premium quality which adds to the high-end vibe the shoe gives off. Overall, a superb design that I was genuinely pleased and surprised to see.

Mizuno Hayate 2 Price

At an MSRP of $110, the Hayate 2 is a very reasonably priced lightweight trial shoe. For what you get in the aspects of Performance and Design, the asking price should get along just fine with all runners.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: Mens 8.8 Oz and Womens 7.2 Oz
  • Heel-to-Toe Offset: 9mm
  • Type: Stability
  • Terrain: Trail

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