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Performance 9
Design 8.5
Price 7.5


8.3 Excellent A solid high-mileage neutral runner. It performed great and is designed surprisingly fantastics, a rarity for conventional trainers! It also has a very a reasonable price tag!

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The Mizuno Wave Rider 19 is a high-mileage neutral runner designed to give ample cushioning and support for long-distance runs. It performed pretty well in terms of the Upper and Sole unit performance, clocked in at a respectable 8Oz for weight, and comes with an average MSRP of $120 for this category.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Performance

The upper consists of Mizuno’s AIRmesh and Intercool technologies which translate into high breathability during runs so your feet stays nice and dry. It also had a great secure fit with respect to the mid foot and heel snugness, removing any potential slippage that may occur during runs on slippery or bumpy road surfaces. One thing to keep in mind however, this shoe isn’t seamless, so that may be a factor for those of you that enjoy the sock-less run or a more sensitive to inner stitching.

The sole unit has several technologies incorporated into it, starting off with Mizuno’s U4icX foam material (a softer and lighter update to their U4ic foam material) which provides ample cushioning, Moving on, Mizuno has incorporated a Wave plate (the plastic bit going from the heel to the midfoot) that acts as the support and light stability mechanics for neutral runners. for runners. The outsole is made of a really great grippy rubber as well, so you’ll definitely have traction on road surfaces in addition to longevity and durability. All in all, this shoe performed quite well as it does great in each small category to give a great overall experience. 

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Design

The look and feel of these shoes is actually quite nice, which is a bit surprising to be honest. Initially they looked and felt like a traditional running; synthetic synthetic mesh upper with se stitched on overlays for support along with a bright coloured sole. They definitely have all these factors, but the minimalism on the overlays, the amazing colour scheme designs, and sleekness of the shoe start to really show once you fully examine it. It’s not at the level of a Nike Flyknit running shoe of course, but compared to a lot of other trainers, these look superb!

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Price

At an MSRP of $120, it stands right at the middle point for shoes in this category. Not too low to be a budget shoe and not too high to be considered in the ultra-premium category either. For what you get (great performance and superb design) it’s definitely worth it!

Shoe Info

  • Weight: Mens 9.6Oz and Womens 8Oz
  • Heel-to-Toe Offset: 12mm
  • Type: Neutral
  • Terrain: Road

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