Friends and family members who know i’m an avid runner and are looking to start running often hit me with the “what are the most common injuries?” or “i’m scared to start, i’ve heard you can really destroy your body.” I won’t lie, i myself have had a number of injuries and believe me when i say it absolutely sucks, worse than you can imagine. So, i thought i would write a quick post about the different injuries you should be aware in your transition to running.

Plantar Faciitis

Pretty much everyone has heard about this one and it’s almost always in the top 3 on every runners “most common running injuries” list. It’s essentially an inflammation and degeneration of the band of tissue that runs along bottom of the foot t the origin location (heel). This injury is usually caused either by excessive heel-striking or ramping up one’s mileage too much too fast. Recovery from this injury is long and arduous, requiring either a milder form of stretching + strengthening + icing to a severe physiotherapy process including the mentioned three plus a potential cortisol shot or shockwave therapy. The biggest impact in helping to deal with this injury will be a change in footwear and running gait.

Achilles Tendonitis

Similar to Plantar Faciitis, this injury is caused by overuse and overstrain. The location however, as the name suggests, is located at the Achilles, the tendon that connects to the upper back part of one’s heel and help to implement the “pointed toe” action. This injury isn’t as severe as Plantar Faciitis and  really shouldn’t be asking anyones top 3 spots for “most common running injuries.” If you simply apply the combination of rest, strengthening, deep tissue massage, and stretching, then you should be back to health within 2-4 weeks.

Knee or Lower Back Pain

These two are also fairly common, but not as severe as the two mentioned above. Both generally come from a mixture of bad posture and overuse. As you see from the image to the right, by leaning forward (which generally comes with running shoes with extreme hell-to-toe differentials) there is excess strain places on the knee and lower back. Posture up, be lighter on your feet, and make sure you don’t forward (even when you start getting tired!). With a bit of adjustment you will clear these pesky sore spots very quickly. That’s it for now regarding the most common running injuries you’ll likely face when you being your newly found running journey. That said, there are a few others i might mention but i will leave that for later, either by updating this same post or by creating a new one! If you had any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


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