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Performance 9.5
Design 9
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8.5 Excellent The New Balance 1260 v6 is lauded for its immense cushioning and overall construction. Its funky design adds on to the overall appeal of the product.

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The New Balance 1260 v6 is lauded for its immense cushioning and overall construction. Its funky design adds on to the overall appeal of the product.

New Balance 1260 v6 Performance

Satisfactory performance and high quality mark this product. The midsole foam of the shoes is accompanied by the Strobel Last which allows you to experience cushioning. Such a feature lets you enjoy the softer feel of the foam underfoot. The use of insoles, which are premium in quality, provides additional cushioning and therefore a more comfortable running experience. Moreover, this product is viable to be used on various terrains.

If you are a big striker, you will be pleased to know that the New Balance 1260 v6 has an N2 pod placed in the heel of the shoes. Along with this general feature, the product also includes Acteva Lite, which guarantees that your running experience will be as comfortable as possible. Both these additions insure that the impact of the strike is lessened. Together, these two features pave the way for durable and more responsive cushioning system than other traditional shoes.

If you are a runner and would like a pair of shoes which will keep up with your running capabilities, this product will provide with the ideal performance.

New Balance 1260 v6 Design

This product is designed bearing in mind the various needs of the customers. Since consumers crave comfort, these shoes include various intricate features in its design which enhance the comfort and convenience.

This product provides the perfect fit via its Fantom Fit upper. The upper is made to follow the shape of a foot and therefore provides an ideal fit. Moreover, the shoes allow breathability via its well-ventilated design. The feature of breathability is further enhanced via the inclusion of an air mesh in the upper construction of the shoes.

Furthermore, the use of rubber in the outsole of the shoes allows this product to be highly durable. The overall aesthetics of the shoes serve as an added benefit. The combination of vibrant and dull colors allows this product to be significantly stylish and funkier than other available shoes. If you value things that stand out amongst the masses, such a feature will appeal to you.

The forefoot of the shoe is made out of rubber and is accompanied by a REVlite technology which gives the interior of these shoes a bouncy feel.

New Balance 1260 v6 Price

New Balance 1260 v6 is available for purchase at a cost of $150. This price may seem quite expensive to many potential customers. However, as the users of the product will tell you, this price is justified by the value-added benefits these shoes succeed in providing. It successfully delivers shoes which provide exemplary performance.

The durability, high-quality cushioning system and the overall stylish design of the product make it worth the money.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: 11.5Oz
  • Type: Stability
  • Head-to-toe Offset: 8mm
  • Surface: Road
  • Stack Height: Medium

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