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Performance 10
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8.5 Excellent The Zante V2 is a plushy, cushioned, and lightweight shoe that is designed to be used by multi-purpose runners and racers.

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The Zante V2 is a plushy, cushioned, and lightweight shoe that is designed to be used by multi-purpose runners and racers. The New Balance Zante was introduced in 2015 and was termed as the running shoe of the year. It used New Balance’s Fresh Foam and had amazing responsiveness and cushioning. Some runners, however, faced tightness wearing that shoe. The New Balance Zante V2 is a neutral shoe with amazing snug fit. After its arrival, the shoe was advertised as ‘a soft riding cushioned shoe built for speed’ and it was liked by many runners. The manufacturer has added miles to this design and it is said to be the best of the New Balance neutral shoes.

New Balance Zante V2 Performance

The upper of the Zante V2 is made up of a thin mesh material to promote breathability and ventilation. The seamless upper is made up of no-sew material and there are no overlays used. Almost all the area of the upper is covered with mesh, except for some structural areas where no mesh material is used. There is no mesh material around the heels, on the two small strips on the forefoot, and along the laces. The shoe is not very tight and gives a cool, loose feeling to the foot. In spite of this loose look, it doesn’t make you uncomfortable while you run.

The Zante V2 uses the Fresh Foam of New Balance but a less dense version of it to enhance absorption and responsiveness. The layer used in the foam is comfortable and gives a bouncy feel to the shoe. It is perfect for a snappy and quick run as it has an amazing balance between responsiveness and cushion. The Fresh Foam is not very bouncy and is a bit stiff when one takes a step forward,

New Balance Zante V2 Design

The Zante V2 has a softer design as compared to other running shoes. It has a new design that gives the foot of the runner more room to move their toes freely. The previous model had some issues with the upper fit which have been resolved after using a stitched-on mid-foot panel and split eyestay along the arch side. The mid-foot is now very comfortable, and the upper mesh material makes the inner environment very cool and relaxed. The overlays used in the shoes are fused and stitched instead of a no-sew style. The mesh material is of a thinner kind and, thus, appears a little streamlined. The lacing style is designed using a single unit of fused synthetic. The toe-bumper is also made up of fused synthetic which extends to the heel area.

New Balance Zante V2 Price

The New Balance Zante V2 is for $129.99. It has great comfort and great ride experience, but it is definitely on the pricier side. Thus, if you have the money then it might be worth it for you as it is loaded with features to keep your running experience smooth.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: 8.6 oz
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 6.5 mm
  • Type: Running shoe
  • Terrain: Road

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