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Performance 9
Design 8
Price 8.5


8.5 Excellent The Nike Lunaracer+ 3 makes for a great racing shoe. It’s light, highly cushioned and designed to run fast on flat surfaces. Based on performance, design and price, the Nike Lunaracer+ 3 gets top marks.

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The Nike Lunaracer+ 3 is a performance running shoe designed specifically for anyone training for a marathon or half-marathon. While it’s not intended as a high-mileage trainer, it’s a popular choice for competitive runners looking for a highly cushioned shoe that enables them to run fast on flat surfaces. And, at a price point of $110, the Lunaracer+ 3 is priced competitively with other running shoes in the same category.

Nike Lunaracer+ 3 Performance

From a performance perspective, the Lunaracer+ 3 is exceptionally lightweight, and that’s what makes it a favorite for runners looking to increase their speed in races. It’s also well cushioned for long mileage runs – many runners note that they don’t even feel that they are wearing shoes when they compete. The shoe is also flexible and responsive. While weekend runners can wear the Lunaracer+ 3 if they’re planning on entering a local 5K, it was actually designed as a competitive marathon racing shoe.

Nike Lunaracer+ 3 Design

There are a number of design features that are worth highlighting – including the Lunarlon cushioning system and the Flywire lacing system. The combination of the two makes the Lunaracer+ 3 very lightweight and cushioned, as well as easy to adjust to the exact size and stride of the runner. The Flywire system ensures a snug fit. But the Lunarlon cushioning system is the real star – the amount of cushioning in the sole and lower part of the shoe ensures a smooth, easy run, no matter how far you are running.

Moreover, it’s clear that Nike has taken some real steps to improve the Lunaracer+ 3. The new and improved Lunaracer+ 3 now comes with innovative technology that helps to wick away sweat and perspiration from the uppers of the shoe. In addition, the Lunaracer+ 3 comes with a superior fit than its predecessors, thanks to an improved Flywire system to handle wider fits.

However, there are some drawbacks to the Lunaracer+ 3. Many competitive runners note that you’re not going to get in more than 250-300 miles with the Lunaracer+ 3. It’s simply not designed as a high-mileage trainer. There’s plenty of cushioning and durability, but for runners who plan on wearing the same shoe for years, the Lunaracer+ 3 may not be the optimal option.

And then there’s the matter of the shoe’s ability to handle on some surfaces. Some runners have complained about the lack of traction on slippery surfaces and on non-flat surfaces. That’s also a design feature of the shoe – it was designed to run fast on flat surfaces such as pavement. Some of the rubber sole has been replaced with cushioning – and that means less grip on some surfaces.

Plus, the shoe comes in a number of bright color combinations, like neon yellow and lime green, or electric blue and neon yellow, that make it an attractive option for runners looking to brighten up their running style. The shoe just looks so good, you may want to pair it with casual outfits when you’re not running.

Nike Lunaracer+ 3 Price

At a price of $110, it’s very well priced and you definitely get a premium package. Top of the line materials, design, and performance, so it’s a great overall package!

Shoe Info

  • Weight: Men 6.4Oz and Women 5.5Oz
  • Heel-to-Toe Offset: 7mm
  • Type: Neutral
  • Terrain: Road


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