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Performance 10
Design 10
Price 6.5


8.8 Excellent The Saucony Freedom ISO is a fantastic neutral runner. All across the board it scored great, and if it wasn't for the over-stated price-tag, it'd be about perfect! Take a look for yourself!

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The Saucony Freedom ISO is one of the best running to have come out in 2017 thus far. These shoes are lightweight and built to be comfortable whether you are going on a short run or a long one. They are highly durable and will secure your feet so that your feet have a great snug fit when running.

Saucony Freedom ISO Performance

Remember the bulky overlays that went with the perfect and comfortable ISOFIT system? The upper of this shoe also incorporates that system but eliminates the bulkiness, making the shoe one of the best of the lot. The tongue will disappear and will not cause any discomfort, while the laces will fit with ease in just one pull. The edge of the toe is reinforced to make sure that the shoe does not witness any damage, while the rest of the material is very breathable and the heel provides the right amount of support.

Paired up with that perfect upper is an equal, if not better, sole unit. This unit consists of EVERUN which provides runners with a foam mid-sole. This foam is highly durable and allows athletes to utilize their maximum energy. Even if the temperatures are low, the cushioning will be better than what most shoes provide. In addition, an extra layer of cushioning is added to the top to insure complete comfort to the user. The outsole of the Freedom ISO is made of something called the crystal rubber, which is transparent and highly durable rubber, making sure the entire run is highly responsive and stable.

Saucony Freedom ISO Design

You will find this model in a range of color combinations, starting from subtle ones such as white and black, to neon colors to match your vibrant personality. The downside of this design is that it are neither water-resistant nor waterproof, which means that the shoe suffer if you take it out in the rain or snow, or if you plan on running across a lake.

However, these are some of nicest and best looking running shoes we’ve reviewed.. It would be safe to say that these shoes are definitely in style. Even when compared with other shoe types or brands, then you can say that they are sleek and look rather better than many other designs out there.

Saucony Freedom ISO Price

Priced at $160 it is easy to say that these shoes cost you a bundle. They are highly durable and lightweight and perform great, so you do get a lot of bang for your buck so to speak. That said, $160 is a steep price for running shoes, so you should really consider the purchase with some weight. This shoe is near perfect if not for this category!

Shoe Info

  • Weight: 9.0 Oz for men and 8.1 Oz for women
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 4 mm
  • Type: Neutral/Lightweight
  • Terrain: Road, Track

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