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Performance 10
Design 7.5
Price 8


8.5 Excellent A great shoe through and through. It performed amazingly, is built to last, and more than justifies it’s slightly higher asking price. Neutral runners looking for more cushioning from their shoe will be more than pleased with the Glycerin 14.

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The Glycerin 14 is the newest iteration in the lineup that Brook’s claims is ultra-cushioned. It’s great for neutral runners that looking for a more plush and responsive ride during their workouts and it also provides great durability that will last well into higher milage counts. At an MSRP of $150 it stand on the higher end of the price range for neutral runners, but the cushioning could more than easily make it worth it for you.

Brooks Glycerin 14 Performance

The upper is made up of a synthetic mesh with 3D printed overlays that provide a great form-fitting feel, locking down your foot while also allowing one’s toes to splay out. the interior has a very plush and soft feeling to it and stands up to the premium category that the shoe is being targeted towards. It’s also seamless which will be great news for those that like to go sock-less. Overall, the upper performed great and delivered in all the aspects one would expect and hope for.

The sole unit has its midsole made up of Brook’s DNA technology that provides a very cushioned and responsive ride, while the outsole is made up of blown rubber that  provides great traction and durability against road surfaces. It performed great and id definitely meant to last well into longer distance runs where one’s form begins to breakdown and the shoe’s mechanics can take over more.

Brooks Glycerin 14 Design

The look and feel of these shoes is definitely premium. Brooks spared no expense is using the best materials possible towards both the upper as well as the sole. That said, the doesn’t scream out sleekness and crazy aesthetic appeal, but you shouldn’t really be expecting that either when it comes to the Glycerin line-up. One downfall to the shoe is it’s extremely limited colour scheme options, sitting as a measly 3.

Brooks Glycerin 14 Price

At an MSRP of $150, the Glycerin 14 does stand on the pricer edge of neutral running shoes, but it definitely gives enough to justify it’s asking price. The super comfy and formfitting upper paired with the cushy and durable sole unit stand to reason that this shoe will last that much more than other one would own, bringing the miler-per-use against the total amount spent in line with one another.

Shoe Info

  • Weight: Mens 10.6Oz and Womens 9.2 Oz
  • Heel-to-Toe Offset: 10mm
  • Type: Neutral + Cushioned
  • Terrain: Road

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